South Asia, in addition to having breathtaking landscapes and incredible architectures, has some social, environmental and economic problems. Deforestation and illegal mining, slavery and child labour, hygienic conditions, infrastructures and illiteracy: there are many problems… and therefore, many business opportunities to solve them.

ALSiSAR Impact is a company based in Mumbai (India) that provides Consulting and Investments services exclusively to organizations and startups with social and environmental purposes. Their mission is to support innovative startups and organizations that achieve financial returns, alongside measurable and positive social and environmental impacts for the communities. To do so, they act both as an accelerator for startups, and as advisors for foundations, nonprofit organizations and also impact investors.

They support companies with a unique 360 degrees model of a full range of services (legal, financial, strategic, due diligence and transaction advisory), and they measure their sustainability in terms of environmental and social impact. Besides, they help large corporations with ground-level interviews, social impact assessments and reporting, and they collaborate with academic incubators.

As for the Investments services, ALSiSAR Impact works in the Blended Finance space. Blended Finance is an approach to structuring transactions in a way that brings different actors together, combining public and private investors. They make possible for governments, private equity and impact investors, financial institutes and foundations to invest alongside each other while achieving their own objectives.

Their model is based on the fact that “business for good is good for business”. This means that the socio-environmental benefits go hand in hand with the economic returns. Companies working with ALSiSAR bring economic development by solving real problems of the communities.

Founded in 2017, (after almost 10 years of projects and experiments with ASCo) ALSiSAR has worked in 18 countries, supported more than 600 social enterprises, and raised over $350 million of investments. Examples of entities that have worked with ALSiSAR include startups like @EarthAnalyticsIndia, which uses remote sensing satellites to monitor the ground to manage better the risks in agriculture, forestry, and infrastructures. Companies such as @Phool, recycles every day 8.4 tons of floral waste to produce incense and fertilizer, giving jobs to over 100 women in rural areas of India.

Writing by Francesco Minelli