About Us

We are Kelli and Marta, International Masters in Sustainable Business and TRUE Zero Waste Advisors, certified through the International Green Building Council. We operate as resource and a global community by crafting engaging content for an evolving conscious society.

Simplifying Sustainability incorporates dynamic content serving all readers by connecting empathy with ethical living.

Mindfully, we welcome opportunities to collaborate with sustainability advocates and experts. If you are interested in joining us, please write to us. Additionally, we love your feedback! Any topics you want us to feature? Let us know.

Marta Andrés & Kelli Wasylik

Spain + United States

Masters of Business Sustainability
Founders Simplifying Sustainability
Advocates for Environmental Sustainability `+ Climate Change Mgmt
TRUE Zero Waste Advisors – In progress



Nicolás Reigl


Sustainability Advocate
Nature Enthusiast

Irazú Aranda

United States

Master in Sustainable Design and Innovation
Professional Industrial Designer
 Climate Reality Leader

Carla Louise Stout


Fashion Consultant and Designer

Sustainable and Circular Design Advocate

Nicole Gudo


International Business and Environmental Sustainability Student
Passionate about Intersectionality

Francesco Minelli


International Master in Sustainable Business
Tech+Sustainability Writer

Sabine Rieth


Sustainability Marketing professional
Passion for ocean health, and SDGs

Tori Helmuth

United States

Plant-Based Advocate
 Holistic Wellness Coach  (WIP)

Sophie Think


International Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation
Passionate about the SDGs and the Circular Economy



Guest collaborator: Lorenzo Cajati